What does a session include?

* You will have unlimited printing rights to your photos, and will never have to pay per image - they are all yours!
* Each image is hand edited to enhance photos and remove minor flaws in the photo.


What if the weather is bad? Can I reschedule?

In the rainy months of the year, Lo Photo LLC will only schedule one shoot per day. This is to ensure that a time change can easily be accomplished. In the case that the weather calls for rain all day, Lo Photo, LLC can reschedule your photos to a different occasion.

Note: Overcast weather is not an issue, as this actually provides much better lighting on clients' faces, avoiding harsh shadows.

How long until I get my images?

For portrait sessions, please allow 1-2 weeks for editing.
For weddings, please allow 3-4 weeks for editing.
Sneak Peaks are posted on my facebook page within the the first few days (because I know you can't wait)!!


What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept cash or checks. I can also send you a paypal invoice which you can pay online, by request. Please make checks payable to "Lindsey O'Sullivan."


When should I schedule a newborn session?

For newborn sessions, scheduling within the first 10 days of birth is ideal. This is so that the baby will sleep through the photos, and can be gently posed into positions that will make for great photos.


Let's Talk Weddings...

First Look

Deciding if you would like a first look or not will determine how much time we need to plan for photos both before and after your ceremony.  Many brides dream of a traditional ceremony where the groom sees her for the first time when she is walking down the isle.  If this is your jam then there are many ways we can make this work.  However, I want you to at least consider the possibilities a first look can offer you, I strongly recommend it!  First of all, this is a VERY intimate moment with authentic, and usually more emotional reactions.  During and after the first look, you will have about 30 minutes with me photographing from the distance.  It will be your guys' time to connect, cry, and enjoy the peace before the chaos of your wedding day begins.  I usually give you as long as you need and then jump into doing your couples portraits.  What this means is you get your photos out of the way BEFORE your wedding, and not during cocktail hour.  (Don't worry, we will sneak away at sunset for a few more!) And since you have already seen each other, we can also get family shots and the bridal party shots out of the way too!  If this isn't your thing, that’s why there is cocktail hour for your guests, but if you would rather enjoy it, then go for the first look!   When planning your day, let's talk this big decision through first and then I can help you build a timeline that will let you know when everyone needs to be ready for photos.

Family Photos

With the exception of specific portraits (family, bridal party, etc), I take a photo-journalistic approach and photograph the day as it ensues rather than working off of a list of photos to take.  However, for family photos, it will help speed things up if you put together a short list of the portraits you would like.  Send this out to your families and get everyone on the same page.  Start out big and then scale down further and further to your closest family, allowing your other family members to leave once their photos are done.


If you have any control over it, plan your day around the best lighting.  Those beautiful photos you have pinned on your Pinterest wedding board probably did NOT take place in direct harsh sunlight at mid-day.  What does this mean?   For indoor photos (i.e. getting ready) find an area with lots of windows facing you.  Not only will this help with getting your makeup perfect, but it makes for the most beautiful photos.   For outdoor photos, if it is harsh sunlight out we will be searching for shaded areas in order to avoid the kind of photos nobody wants of their wedding day.. Squinting, and shadows showing every feature on your face as if it's the only thing existing in that moment.  I'm all about the soft light.  If there are great shaded areas with hints of light peaking through at your ceremony site, or if it's an overcast day then we can work at any time.  If it's expected to be a super sunny day  then my recommendation would be to plan your ceremony around the golden hour before sunset.

Engagement Photos

If engagement photos are something you are interested in, it’s a great way to get to know me and get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day.   My advice is to pick something that makes you  guys feel 100% comfortable and happy.  What is something you enjoy doing together?  Let's capture that!   Riding bikes together, a stroll on the beach, revisiting your first date spot, a wine tasting, a toast at sunset, even an in home session.  I want to capture YOU guys. 

What to wear?  I recommend a colored pant for guys as it photographs really well (ex. Blue, grey, brown) Girls, wear something that makes you feel beautiful and isn't a ton of work.  You don’t want to be constantly worried about a wardrobe malfunction, you want to be enjoying the intimate moments.  If you feel uncomfortable when you do your own hair and makeup then by all means go get it done, or schedule your wedding trial for the same day.

Pinterest vs. Real Life

In the wedding vendor world, styled sessions are a time where we can all show off what is possible.  Models are hired and whole teams assemble to create extravagant florals, makeup, gowns, décor, and more.   It is important to realize that a lot of what you see on Pinterest and other sites may not actually be a real wedding.   The photos out there are absolutely gorgeous but may not always be realistic.   This is all okay!  Your wedding should speak to YOU and should reflect the types of things you love.  Less may be more.  Be creative, be different, and be yourself.  At the end of the day, all that will matter is the memory you have of each other, not the color of your table runners.